Won’t Stop

author: Monique Bingham
composers: DunnEasy

In a time when what we used to fear is pale beside what’s true
I know mine could not be righteous tears
I cry only for you
Not for loss of life but loss of love so selfishly I pine
For tonight some tears are bound to fall more justified than mine
But they
Won’t stop
Won’t stop
Won’t Stop, Won’t Stop
Won’t Stop, Won’t Stop
I cry my eyes bone dry
Over you
The tears I cry
All night
Oh they’re
all you, all you, all you
Some times you just get what you need and not what you want
What you’re given, that’s the difference between, life and living
Not for wind nor rain nor rising tide
That’s left me stranded high
Not for noble cause or unjust laws or freedom do I cry
Not for angry men with narrow minds
Whose greed cannot be tamed
But for just one man within whose eyes I’ve
Lost all sense of shame oh my
My tears won’t stop they..
Baby they won’t stop they…
chorus repeat
Not for noble cause or
Unjust laws or freedom Freedom Freedom