Author: Monique Bingham
Composer: Jay Denes/Blue Six

Some people look for love
Settle when they’ve looked enough
Others will take their time
Takes too long they’ll soon find
Some people need their fears
They think it makes life clear
No one’s on earth alone
Yet everyone’s on their own
Some day one day maybe
somehow not now
And you will find
What you lose once you have peace of mind
Most start out with great ambition
Years go by
Lose your time lose your mind
drink that wine
drink your wine
Look at me I’m pure
Everything that I am I adore
It’s the reason that life is for
It’s my heart that I need to be sure
Keep it Pure
Be pure
Anything that you dare and more
Love the nap of my hair I’m pure
What you love at the root at the core
Keep it Pure
Some start out looking for love
Then settle up when they’ve looked enough looked enough
Looked enough
Most people think they have time
To begin life
They’re so wrong they’re so wrong they’re so wrong so wrong
What I dream of if I dream hard enough will become mine
If I don’t run out of all my time.
Most people have intuition
To love life
Love your life
Feel alive
Oh feel, feel alive
Look at me I’m
Chorus out